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Wheelbase: 230" Fuel: JP4, JP8, or Kerosene
Weight: 2400 lbs. Fuel Capacity: 30 (22-24 gallons burned per run).
Engine: Westinghouse J34 built in 1960. Air Consumed: 12,500 cubic feet per second (the equivalent of sucking the air out of a six bedroom house in one second).
Engine Flown in McDonnell F2H "Banshee" and North American T2J "Buckeye." Parachutes: Two 16 foot diameter F-104.
Engine Weight: 1175 lbs. Elapsed Time: Low 6 second.
Engine RPM: 5100 Idle; 12,775 Maximum. Top Speed: Approaching 300 mph.
Thrust: 6500 lbs. NHRA Certified Car