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Jeff Atamian grew up in Fresno, California, and began attending races at the age of five with his father. Since those early days, Jeff has had a strong love of racing. He recalls that he saw his first jet car back in 1967, and from that time on he had to have one for himself.
Jeff started out as a race track photographer while still in high school. In 1975, after years of hard work and savings, he was finally able to purchase his first front engine dragster, the Iron Horse. In 1985, Jeff began racing an even more powerful and faster running blown alcohol rear engine dragster which he named Meltdown. In 1996, Jeff got into jet dragster racing and has been flying down the tracks in the Beast ever since. The Beast sports a Westinghouse J-34 jet engine that was used to power a McDonnell Douglas F2H Banshee Navy Fighter (one of the most important versions used during the Korean war). This engine is now saddled to four wheels and isn't supposed to become airborne anymore (hopefully).

Jeff Atamian runs his race car with a professional crew based in the San Joaquin Valley. Jeff and his team have a combined total of over 75 years of experience; it's a team that's never failed to perform stupendously.

That outstanding performance also applies to the Beast, with its ability to gulp down a mere 120 gallons of fuel per mile and requiring brakes on all four wheels, and two16 foot parachutes to bring this monster to a stop.

As a result, the Beast presents one of the most spectacular shows available in quarter mile racing, car incineration, and air shows.